News Flashes

Five pseudo-random things that made their way past an exhausting day:

  • just hit my radar, out of the blue. is all the rage indeed, and the isn't being left out.
  • Via John Gruber, and after Amit Singh's amazing FUSE announcement, sshfs. Stuff to review some weekend to come.
  • Seems like the KDE/ guys are getting their act together again. It's been a while since I tried out the initial Fink-based iteration, and it would be nice to see some stuff working - but with keybindings and niceties.
  • I'm not too crazy about paying for 802.11n features on hardware I already own, but then again I don't have any immediate need for them... Still, it's sad.
  • A bunch of folk sent me this little gallery of 2008 screenshots, which have caused quite a stir - both due to top button strip and to the way it actually looks good on a .