Mac mini

The Mac mini is a compact Mac reminiscent of the Cube, which finally got a server edition on 2009-10-20 and a significant revision in form factor on 2010-06-15:

(simplegallery#miniimages)* Jun 2010 model back

  • Mar/Oct 2009 Intel model back
  • Original Intel model back
  • G4 model front, back


Date Link Notes
Jun 17 Teardown shows power savings eliminated Mac mini power brick Impressive indeed. Here’s the complete teardown.
Unibody Mac mini meets iFixit, gets a delicate teardown exposé Always interesting to see
Jun 15 Mac mini (unibody) unboxing and hands-on A nice gallery.
Older ISP in a box a set of HOWTOs on setting up HTTP and mail (SMTP, IMAP, etc.) on a mini.
Using it as a Media Center with Elgato EyeTV
Apple’s Mac Mini G4 Developer Note with the usual extensive hardware description. (PDF)
Opening the Mini using wires to pull the plastic tabs
Mac mini Center a community Wiki
Installing Mac OS X Server
Installing Debian one of the dumbest ideas yet, but includes some interesting hardware info and is well written.
Overclocking make sure you know how to solder SMDs…
ISP-In-A-Box a bit too light on the technical side and lacks detail, but could be a good starting point.
Disassembly guide
Disassembly video
First known photos of the mainboard
Glenn Fleishman’s comparison to the Cube
mini PVR with EyeTV and ConvertX using a ConvertX to do real-time encoding.

1st Gen Accessories:

Like I predicted on launch day, there are matching stackable accessories:



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