re-branding of , which got off to a very rocky start soon after (some say too soon after) the launch.

News Coverage

Date Link Notes
Oct 30 MobileMe: About the Late-September 2008 MobileMe update Still no SSL support.
Aug 18 MobileMe users get (another) extension, 60 days this time Hmm.
Aug 17 MobileMe and (lack of) encryption Yep, no security. Some interestingly obtuse troll comments in that piece, though, from AppleInsider folk trying to make their ridiculous piece hold water.
Aug 12 MobileMe Services Remain a Dark Cloud A few more glitches
Aug 11 MobileMe Mail and Gmail Go Down Simultaneously Nobody’s perfect.
Aug 11 Two weeks after Apple calls MobileMe stable, mail goes down Stability as applied relativity.
Aug 08 Followup on: MobileMe Problems Show Apple Needs an Infrastructure Lesson A few more interesting insights
Aug 05 MobileMe Problems Show Apple Needs an Infrastructure Lesson A pretty insightful piece.
Aug 05 Steve Jobs on MobileMe: the full e-mail internal email regarding the launch, or something very much like it.
Aug 05 MobileMe Problems Show Apple Needs an Infrastructure Lesson Maybe. I’m not convinced it’s that simple.
Aug 04 Steve Jobs: MobileMe not up to Apple’s standards unlike, say, the music store
Jul 28 MobileMe: the case of the vanishing iPhone contacts Ouch.
Jul 26 Apple admits to lost MobileMe messages, bad karma Apparently I was one of the lucky ones.
Jul 26 MobileMe Status Page Promises Updates, But Tone Rings Flat Can’t argue there.
Jul 25 MobileMe Status An initially anonymous writer (now signing ‘David G.’) starts posting updates on service status
Jul 24 Review: MobileMe 1.0 1.0, indeed. Gotta love the editor’s note.
Jul 24 Apple’s MobileMess David Pogue lays it on, pulling no punches.
Jul 24 Poor man’s Exchange: MobileMe supports IDLE for e-mail I think Ars is pretty much wrong, and that IDLE support has been there all along
Jul 23 Apple’s MobileMe Is Far Too Flawed To Be Reliable Mossberg weighs in, heavily
Jul 16 MobileMe says sorry with a month of free service No comment
Jul 16 Apple apologizes for its MobileMe mess, admits bungle on ‘push,’ offers 30-days free – Engadget The push that wasn’t
Jul 13 MobileMe Disappointment Here’s why you should never market something using something else’s name
Jul 12 MobileMe Fails to Launch Well, But Finally Launches That’s your summary, right there.
Jul 10 MobileMe now really, truly up? No. Upsy daisy.
Feb 25th How-To: Truly reset your .Mac sync data Step-by-step guide to both fixing sync issues and removing all your personal data from the service

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