Mail Hiatus

First off, postage warning - I will be freezing my Gmail and accounts temporarily as I re-arrange my procmail/SpamAssassin/IMAP setup, so if you need to get hold of me during the next few weeks, e-mail me at my account.

My replies will be just as spotty, but at least you'll know I'm looking at that mailbox. Eventually.

Some news, then:

  • The 5.5 beta 1 is now public, and although I'm not keen on the "sidebar tabs", it feels fast and has a number of neat features. Given that I used for a good while until came along, it's nice to be back for a bit. The Reuters site is unusable with it, though.
  • There's a bunch of noise regarding 's market share. Make sure you read the original piece as well as the Infinite Loop breakdown, since the overall market quota hasn't climbed that much. It's good news, but by no means world domination - get a grip, people, and stay out of the sun.
  • David Sifry was kind enough to drop a comment on my Technorati . So far, things are looking OK, but the blog doesn't seem to be recognized - then again, I'm not into ego massages (I don't check Technorati that often). Obviously, Murphy felt I had to check my cosmos right when it was a bit wonky...
  • Tim Gaden has a nice piece on Tracks, a wonderful Ruby-based solution I had stumbled upon myself and that is, oh... so grown up now. (sigh)
  • Mobile GMaps was updated again, with minor tweaks to its GPS support. I have yet to get myself a Bluetooth GPS that fits , but my need for one is... pretty much zero, really. It's just one of those neat things to have.
  • Mark Pilgrim mocks (but emulates) those trying to turn the Internet into TV, this time using a decent video format. Keep it up, Mark, one of these days you'll be hosting the Geek Daily Show.
  • I sort of tuned out the latest acquisitions, but when I noticed that SysInternals was bought (via Bruno Rodrigues), I was dumbstruck. There go a few of my favorite tools for managing like a real OS and not a sack of bugs... Anyway, worse was to come - I went back and saw that they also bought iView Multimedia, which is likely to mean I have to scratch iView Media Pro from my "prospective tools" list (I'm still managing my photos , but sometimes I wish I had something better than the to browse thumbnails).

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