The Finder is the desktop, FTP client and network file manager – the is a separate application that plays by its own rules.

Quoting Jonathan Rentzsch on fixing it -

And by “fix”, I mean transmogrify Finder X’s source code into a soul, transfer the pneuma to a goat for purposes of physical manifestation, place said goat on top three feet of logs, twigs, shaved wood and dried leaves. Add copious and irresponsible amounts of accelerant and ignite. It’s sad a goat must die, but it’s the only method that ensures Finder X stays dead.

Known Bugs:

Version 10.4.1 (yes, the one in OS X version 10.4.2)

  • Dragging files from the library to an SMB-mounted filesystem will fail after four to five sets of files are copied – i.e., the column pane will light up as a drop target, but the files won’t be copied across. Forcing a relaunch re-enables copying, which should mean it isn’t an issue. (Filed as “#4225480”:Radar:4225480)

Version 10.4.5 (the one in OS X version 10.4.6)

  • Folders with a colon (:) in their names are displayed with a forward slash “/” instead. (Filed as “#4581709”:Radar:4581709, which was considered “normal behaviour” – quote: “Please note that Finder presents the ‘Carbon filesystem’ view, regardless of the underlying filesystem.”)


Date Link Notes
May 9th A number of contextual menu plugins Including PhotoToolCM for tag display/manipulation and lossless rotation.
Jan 4th Refresh the Finder a refresh button to get around its irritating penchant for not picking up on file changes.

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