Cooling Off

My new, more relaxed pace seems to be hitting its stride. I've gone nomadic for a bit and am strolling around trying to snap more . There's a trifling little change since last year, which is that I'm now uploading them via an HSDPA connection.

Yeah, I know, nobody cares about having better coverage and rates than many other countries. Let's move on, shall we?

Anyway, there's all sorts of interesting things afoot. I've caught up with my RSS feeds again, and (or the concept thereof, since there is as yet no public beta) is tantalizing.

Also interesting (in a nostalgic sort of way) is the fact that is still being used in tournaments, although reading this kind of thing on the BBC is interesting enough on its own. I think I'll take up playing again - sure, it's sometimes a bit too exciting, but it's also a great way to unwind, and when I was "in the zone", the 3D ballet unfolding in my head was oddly calming.

On the mobile front, application designers are invited to take a look at these slides by Brian Fling. I'm one of those people who find the whole idea of a separate "mobile web" utter drivel (after years in the business, I have yet to find someone who understands the right balance between content adaptation and hand-crafting mobile-only sites), and Brian's overview is very useful to explain the basics.