Minor Earthquakes

Lots of ponderous stuff going on everywhere, so I'll just go down the list of what were the last 24-hours' major (non-work-related) events from my standpoint.

  1. John Gruber has decided to devote himself full-time to writing Daring Fireball. As much as I love writing (and I write a fair bit more than what is published here), I will probably never be this brave.
  2. Irmen de Jong has turned MoinMoin into a Snakelets webapp. Sadly, he is also thinking about stopping Snakelets development, which raises some issues as to whether I will use it for . I took great care in writing my code to be reasonably server-independent, but one of the biggest advantages of Snakelets is that it works as a -like container, not just another framework - and it is this approach that makes it far more interesting for me than Django or CherryPy. Sadly, it appears that the community is still stuck in the CGI era of web development...
  3. As a direct consequence of the above (and even though I'm sticking with Snakelets for the time being), I started looking more seriously at Pandora, a Ruby-based Wiki-like application platform. I like it, even though I am still trying to figure out how it works and how it can evolve. Out of the current unstructured mess that are most Ruby-based Wikis (and I've looked closely at quite a few), it seems to be the one most likely to become a CMS framework and not an one-off application.
  4. has decided to make Visual Studio Express free indefinitely. This is a biggie for anyone who (like me) spent years doing Windows development. Too bad about their choice of languages, though.
  5. Fluxiom was unleashed today. The major turn-off? Their requirement for entering a bucket load of data and a credit card to try it for free. No, thanks.

In other news:

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