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Okay, here's some stuff that I really ought to have mentioned to in the meantime.

  • Cygwin has been recently updated to 1.5.20, and among the many changes there is a bunch of them related to sockets and SA_RESTART (which has prevented me from running a few network-related tidbits in the past). I still consider Cygwin to be the best "UNIX away from UNIX" on the Windows platform, and wouldn't dream of not using it.
  • Adium has just reached version 1.0b2 today (not for the faint of heart, so I'm skipping it until my next appointment with my cardiologist) My favorite changelog line is "Now with 200% more cowbell". Do these guys know how to have fun or what?
  • If you liked WriteRoom but need to be surgically separated from TextMate, Tim Gaden tracked down a SIMBL hack that can make any window go full-screen.
  • VoodooPad has reached 3.0, and even the Lite version (which I use every day to draft this site and keep notes) has... Tabs! Great going, Gus. I wholeheartedly recomment that people look into this - if you want a personal Wiki on your Mac, look no further.
  • Another thing I'm looking at now is the new, improved MailTags, whose 2.0 beta will store tags on IMAP servers (something that I've alluded to in the past, and that might tie in nicely with my personal information archive). So far, it's pretty neat - the new keyboard interface makes it very easy to use. I can't wait for the IMAP-enabled version.

Which reminds me: Why does it take a Mac developer to actually make a difference where it regards creative use of headers in IMAP? Yes, I know (via Celso) that there are Open Source MUAs out there that tried to do this before, but, like, how many tried and who cared?

Maybe I should polish up on light-bulb jokes. It's the only behavioral metaphor that comes to mind in these occasions...

Anyone know a few good light-bulb jokes with Zealots and Penguins?

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