Notes for January 15-21

Somehow, I managed to get a cold again. Go figure. Still, I had a mildly productive week, all things considered.

Monday, 2024-01-15

Martin Luther King day, so work was slow.

  • Spent entirely too long futzing with UPS configurations. Couldn’t get nut to work with my APC Back-UPS 550G, but apcupsd worked, even though my UPS doesn’t support any of the advanced features like self-testing, etc.
  • Wrote two ground-init scripts to set either apcupsd or nut up on nodes.
  • Did some testing with .

Tuesday, 2024-01-16

Woke up with a sore throat, which didn’t improve during the day’s meetings.

  • Cleaned up the office a bit.
  • Received a RP2040-ETH, which I’ll be testing soon.
  • Printed some more replacement parts for my (the order with the replacement Z-axis lead screws is still stuck someplace in limbo).
  • Messed about with OnnxStream and Ollama, both of which are broken on the due to the lack of AVX2 support.

Wednesday, 2024-01-17

Slept very poorly due to the cold, so most of my free time was devoted to zoning out.

Thursday, 2024-01-18

Busy day. Spent most of it in meetings or PowerPoint.

  • Tried to track down an AliExpress package that has been held hostage by Ecoscooting for over a week now. Not impressed, since they’re not answering any emails or even have a Portuguese phone number (which is kind of a legal requirement to operate logistics here).

Friday, 2024-01-19

Sore throat progressed onto a full blown cold, yet I still plowed through the day.

  • Did some more testing.
  • Spent some time setting up Steam in a container again, but since NVIDIA CUDA drivers still do not support DRI, the only sane way forward is to use PCI passthrough to a VM with a dedicated GPU.

Saturday, 2024-01-20

Peace and quiet at last.

Sunday, 2024-01-21

Slept miserably. Puttered at various computer things.

  • Dug furter into why VFIO passthrough wasn’t working on the , to no avail.
  • Spent the afternoon fiddling with disk2vhd and trying to snapshot ’s physical Windows 10 partition into a VM.
  • Ended up setting up IOMMU and up PCI passthrough for the GPU and trying out , which is… different.
  • Since my apparently got enough traction to make the Orange Pi web site inaccessible yesterday, I decided to check Cloudflare analytics and Clarity to see if I could get a better idea of what happened1:
    • Clarity now has AI-enhanced summaries, and the first thing it pointed out was that the link to the Orange Pi site was the most clicked item in the article, so… there’s that.
    • Cloudflare analytics showed a huge spike in traffic from the US, but the most interesting thing was the sheer volume of traffic (99% of which was cached:
considering Cloudflare's visitor count typically filters out bots and other non-humans, this was quite rewarding to see.

Ah well. I’m glad people found it useful, which is kind of the point of my writing these things.

  1. I stopped caring about website analytics a long time ago due to referrer spam, but Clarity provides some interesting insights (even if the traffic figures become completely skewed when used behind Cloudflare), so I’ve stuck with it. ↩︎