Chilling Out

Okay, so here’s a rundown of some of the suggestions I had regarding - many thanks for the comments and e-mail feedback.

I’ve successfully spent three hours so far just listening to jazz and reading All Things Wise and Wonderful (James Herriot is an old favorite of mine) instead of sitting in front of a computer or getting annoyed about work, so I’ll be brief and hurry back to the couch:

  • Astronomy/Astrophotography: Lisbon is too “light-polluted” where I’m at and there’s no room for that sort of gear, so it’s not viable. Plus it’s freezing out - we just
  • is still on the cards, and yeah, I’m the kind of guy to fiddle around with linear algebra, numeric methods and anything to do with matrix transforms (I used to be a 3D geek when that was, er… fashionable - if it ever was).
  • is something I’ve been wanting to . There’s a cheap acoustic guitar and a Kawai/K1 somewhere in storage, and I’ve always wanted to buy a Clavinova or its direct descendants, but somehow it just isn’t it at this point.
  • Yes, Quicksilver, The Confusion and The System Of The World have been on my reading list for some time now, but like the Cryptonomicon, those need a bit more focus than I can usually give after hours.
  • Going to the Florida Keys - hmm. Nah, just kidding.