The Monday After The Oscars

Ah, Monday. Lots of news, so little time.

  • Yes, yes, I know all about the Oscars and the iPhone ad. In Marketing terms, it was brilliant. Intriguing, evocative of real life, tremendously simple (one word), aimed at regular people (who might not even know what "an iPhone" is, and leveraging the emotional attachment people have to movies (it was impossible not to recognize at least one of the actors, characters or movies).
  • Camino has added session saving to its latest beta, which is awfully nice but simply cannot compete with the utterly, utterly amazing Firebug extension for Firefox.
  • Fire shut down shop this week, further confirming that Adium is now the way to go if you want a good multi-protocol IM client for Mac OS X.
  • As much as I like seeing what appears to be CoverFlow on an iPod (it could just be a very well-timed hoax), I keep wishing that iTunes could to that nifty iPhone "album flip" to show a track list.
  • And, finally, Creative Commons 3.0 is out. I'll be upgrading to that in a jiffy.

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