Fresh News

Things are a bit on the hectic site, so I'll be keeping my posts short. Ironically, I have been feeling the urge to write - as in creative writing, the sort of thing that I once in a while, so I've started writing actual letters (via e-mail, of course) to friends abroad, instead of the usual URL-laden blips and one-liners people usually swap.

It kind of clears my head a bit. But hey, here's the news, or as much of it as I can take right now:

  • Parallels has finally gone out of beta and released their update (which I'll be downloading during the weekend). Sadly, 3D acceleration doesn't seem to be there - which I see as a good break for , which might garner some market share if it pops out of the oven with that soon.
  • -toting folk that find RIM's current software lacking might want to take a look at The Missing Sync's preview - but be careful, it will change quite a few things in your setup.
  • Talking about previews, has a 2.1 early access version available, with support for 2007 documents and macros - which sounds great, considering that has decided to shoot itself in the foot by dumping macro support - which many people (like myself) use to build complex models.
  • While perambulating through a few gaming sites, I found out that there is a Halo Universal binary out there - for a US$5 fee. Still, at least they went and did one.
  • Melo e-mailed us geeks a couple of neat JavaScript toys that might come in handy: a port and a syntax highlighter. If I had had these last weekend, might well have relied more on client-side JavaScript, but hey, there's always the next weekend...

Last but not least, I understand that Messenger is now out for the - even if they happen to work for my competition, they're doing a pretty good job of supporting the , and deserve mention. :)