The 6630 is Nokia's first Series 60 UMTS phone, focusing on media streaming and smartphone functionality rather than video telephony:

The only notable fact (besides its megapixel camera) is its size: 110 x 60 x 20.6 mm - it's basically revamped version of the 7610 with an UMTS radio module.


Bluetooth profile as reported by Mac OS X:

SDP Server, Hands-Free Audio Gateway, Headset Audio Gateway, OBEX File Transfer, SyncMLClient, Nokia OBEX PC Suite Services, OBEX Object Push, Dial-Up Networking, Imaging

Mac OS X notes:

Works fine as a Bluetooth modem using Ross Barkman's generic GPRS/3G scripts (CID#1). Stable 384Kbps downlink. Somewhat flaky uplink, apparently due to phone's rather limited radio.

Good Points

  • Good camera
  • Small Size
  • Large, readable screen
  • Decent Bluetooth support (both dial-up and OBEX)
  • Much improved MIDP runtime

Bad Points

  • Bad/fiddly joystick, fiddly call/reject buttons
  • Flaky and bloated Series 60 OS
  • Too little RAM to run more than one app at a time
  • Memory card flap prone to opening and breaking off
  • Bluetooth is nowhere as good as the V800's, for instance.

WAP headers

(courtesy of Davi):

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