Como Estas?

Woke up at 6AM, flew to Madrid (ate a smoked turkey sandwich), spent all day in a meeting at our sibling corporation's new offices (had the seafood soup and ham with pepper sauce), flew back (ate a tuna sandwich).

It's always nice to match faces against the names and writing styles of selected bits of corporate mail. And it's even nicer not to have to do it with an overnight stay and glacial temperatures (Madrid's zero Celsius felt a lot more cosy than Düsseldorf's windy and snowy sub-zero).

On with the news, then:

I've developed a love/hate relationship with it - I love testing some of the new services on it (because it can easily juggle multiple service configurations), but hate using it as my personal phone for any extended amount of time - the UI is fiddly and counter-intuitive, the browser has umpteen formatting bugs, and it highlights one of the biggest disadvantages of "smart" phones - the more data and applications you put into it, the more unstable it becomes - and the more you lose when it crashes and blanks out.

And before you ask, I've gone through three firmware revisions and more than four different phones - it's probably one of the phones I've tested the most extensively.