The successor to the Z1010:

Supports the Bluetooth HID profile (a feature that never made it to the Z1010) and has pretty much the same 1.3Mpixel CCD as the S700 (which makes sense, but is a bit of a disappointment).


Bluetooth services as reported by Mac OS X: OBEX File Transfer, HF Voice Gateway, Dial-up Networking, HS Voice Gateway, Serial Port, Serial Port 2, OBEX Object Push, OBEX IrMC Sync Server, OBEX SyncML Client, Mouse & Keyboard, OBEX Basic Imaging

Rich Content Support

I was able to dynamically generate Flash 4 content to the phone using PHP and Ming. The catch, as far as I see it, is that the phone understandably requires the Content-Length to be present (it crashed on occasion when it wasn't), so you have to either buffer the output or save the Flash content to a file. I did not try anything too sophisticated (or larger than 32KB), but did establish that Flash 5 or 6 content (at least that generated by Ming) did not work.

Beaming Flash and SVG files across worked, and most of the simple samples I tried displayed correctly.


Files are marked version 3.1, since there are quite a few more attributes than in the Z1010 (most of them related to the exterior display, which is also themable).

Last Known Firmware Version

R1J002 (may be outdated)

Probable Address Book Fix:

(taken from here by indication from Mark Pors, still untested)

  • Quit and backup your Address Book
  • Control-click on the Address Book app, select Show Package Contents, then navigate to Contents -> Resources.
  • Control click on Telephony.bundle, Show Package Contents, then navigate to Contents -> Resources
  • Open ABDeviceCommandSets.plist with Property List Editor (or your favorite XML editor)
  • Find this array in the ABDeviceCommandSets.plist: Root -> 1 -> ABDeviceModelStrings ... you should see two string entries here, T610 and Z600. Add another string entry, or change one that you will not use with the value V800.
  • Save and quit.