Cleaned out my inbox, whipped up a little Growl badge inspired in the Mozilla designs:

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Checked the news:

  • The Slashdot peanut gallery assumes they know best, and that I didn't know what I was asking for. The "kids" are 18-year-olds with a very firm grasp of Mathematics (yeah, on paper) and wanted something to take the drudgery out of both calculus and plotting while they work on theorem proofs, not learning the basics (which they can probably teach better than your average high-school teacher). I submitted that question to Slashdot last week, and compiled my own list in the meantime. Still, a lot of interesting stuff surfaced over there - my thanks to the few who thought beyond the extremely dumb "just use pen and paper" reply and actually came up with useful suggestions.
  • More impossible iPod concepts, even though Gruber has laid down the law - most of these designs are physically impossible.
  • Yet another storage format. This is so wrong that I can't even begin to explain why. As if we didn't have enough of them already - this is what patents and licensing do to consumers... Fortunately, there are some intelligent folk in the biz.
  • PyObjC can now be used to develop plugin bundles for any application that supports Objective-C plugins (NSBundle). Hmmm... Now this is something.
  • Er... guys? Google suggest is just another LiveSearch - like application using the intrinsic XML HTTP object of modern JavaScript. It's not magical, you know?
  • KDE can, in fact, run atop Cygwin. This one's definetly something to try during my next boring airplane stint.

Picked up a Nokia/6630 again to do some 3G testing with my iBook. About the only thing that it does well is acting as a modem.