First Credible News of the iPhone?

Spotted this Forbes piece today, which looks like the real thing. Upon close reading, there are a few interesting points:

  • Nothing leads to believe that "the phone" will be -branded.
  • There is a lot of emphasis on the previous joint /Motorola announcement that they would aim at putting Music Store content on it (therefore bypassing mobile operators altogether).
  • There's only a slight hint at ease of use (which may well refer to ease of putting content on it).

So, the most likely outcome from all this mess is a Motorola-branded phone with an explicit / tie-in, announced at the next MacExpo (January 11th). Not, like Russell wished for, an " Phone".

I hope I'm wrong, because everything points to the UI sucking as much as any other Motorola phone.


I hope doesn't stop here and that SonyEricsson steps up to the plate soon (they already have playback and, what's more, a much better user interface), so that we have more options. Unless the phone UI is completely done by , I'm not even going to consider picking up one.