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Jul 16 Apple to give away free cases to iPhone 4 users I’d like to see any other consumer electronics company doing the same.
Jul 13 Sorry, But This Whole iPhone 4 Antenna Thing Is A Non-Issue And Will Blow Over A realistic perspective.
Jul 12 Consumer Reports Won’t Recommend the iPhone 4 Over Reception Issue A trifle inconsistent considering it’s topping their smartphone list.
Consumer Reports ‘Can’t Recommend The iPhone 4’
Jul 03 Apple says iPhone 4 algorithm is to blame, not antenna It’s the bars, stupid. Erm, yeah, right.
Jul 02 Death Grip: Apple blames the bars
Apple’s Crazy Open Letter Doesn’t Even Address The Real Issue
Apple: iPhone 4 reception problems a software issue, fix coming in ‘a few weeks’
★ iPhone 4 3G Data Performance Hmmm. The iPad doesn’t do HSUPA, of course…
AnandTech on the iPhone 4’s Antenna and Reception Some decent testing.
Multiple class action suits filed over iPhone 4 antenna Of course, lawyers love these things – it’s the gift that keeps on giving.
Jun 30 How bad is the iPhone 4’s signal loss? Stretching a story. The dB marks are interesting, though.
Report: Verizon iPhone to happen for real this time in 2011 Until I see an Apple PR, I have this bridge I can sell you…
2 Reasons Today’s Verizon iPhone Rumor Are Likely True
What if Verizon did get an iPhone?
Bloomberg: vPhone coming in January
Apple Will Sell 12 Million iPhones To Verizon Subscribers For $7 Billion – Analyst
Anandtech review With good analysis of the antenna “issues”
★ 4 A passionate review.
Jun 29 Verizon iPhone in January, claims Bloomberg Yeah, right.
Is the iPhone 4 having proximity sensor troubles? Hmmm. I know how supremely annoying this kind of bug is.
Jun 28 Feature: iPhone 4: the Ars Technica review Mammoth review, as usual.
iPhone 4 stockouts: 60% of Apple Stores, 100% of the rest Better than cookies.
The iPhone 4 Death Grip saga We have a new soap opera.
1.7 million iPhones sold in 3 days Links to Apple PR
Jun 26 The Sacrifices We Make For Our Gadgets Hilarious
Jun 25 Wow: 77% Of Early iPhone 4 Buyers Upgrading From Old iPhones a mix of both brand loyalty and contract loyalty
77% of iPhone 4 sales were upgrades
Roundup of iPhone 4 Early Reviews Even more reviews.
iPhone 4 antenna woes contextualized by dude in the know The antenna thing, unleashed.
Apple responds to iPhone 4 reception issues: you’re holding the phone the wrong way
Steve Jobs Responds To iPhone 4 Reception Problems: Stop Holding It The Wrong Way!
Jobs on iPhone 4 antenna: ‘avoid holding it in this way’
Lefties: beware iPhone 4 reception problem
Hey Apple, you’re holding it wrong An amusing comeback.
Jun 24 iPhone 4: a Welcome and a Warning An entertaining and insighful review.
Uh Oh, Is Apple’s iPhone 4 A Lemon? Initial hints of the antenna issues
The New iPhone Isn’t Broken, iOS 4 Is It is a bit unnerving when you sit under an indoor antenna and this happens.
Some iPhone 4 models dropping calls when held left-handed, including ours The bumper conspiracy.
Yes, If You Drop Your iPhone 4 Several Times On Asphalt, It Will Shatter I suppose hitting it with a hammer is also not recommended.
Yellow Spots On iPhone 4 Screens Could Be Due To Rushed Manufacturing It’s always better to wait until they’ve ironed out the kinks.
Apple delays white iPhone 4 due to manufacturing ‘challenge’ Mostly speculation regarding the reasons.
Jun 23 What happened to the white iPhone 4? I heard it was getting a tan.
iPhone 4 review A bunch of reviews and round-ups.
Everybody Loves The New iPhone
Engadget’s iPhone 4 Review
Apple’s iPhone 4: The reviews are in
iPhone 4 Reviews
iPhone 4 deconstructed; antenna design a ‘work of genius’ A decent summary. Weird how things turned out antenna-wise, though.
iPhone 4 teardown underway, 512MB RAM confirmed Yup, twice the RAM than on an .
Jun 22 AT&T: iPhone 4 Backordered At Our Stores Until Next Tuesday, June 29 Ah, supply and demand…
iPhone 4 arriving one day early on June 23rd, says Apple email Lucky folk.
No pre-order? AT&T won’t have an iPhone 4 for you until June 29 tough luck
Jun 21 Apple Reminds iPhone 4 In-Store-Pickup Customers To Get Their Phones This Thursday Now that’s going to be a full news day.
Jun 20 Reader reports: iPhone 4 shipping notifications The hype train is starting eariler and earlier.
Apple: FaceTime Video Calls Won’t Use Your Carrier Minutes No kidding?
Apple randomly canceling some iPhone pre-orders? Update: AT&T pre-orders too? Ah, rumor mongering.
iPhone 4 pre-orders now shipping Must be a slow weekend.
Jun 18 Apple asks FCC to keep iPhone secrets Makes sense to me.
How-to: figure out the best value iPhone 4 contracts in the UK Tariffs are now official.
Sizing up the iPhone 4 for shutterbugs Pretty well informed speculation until we can actually test the optics and CCD, but interesting nonetheless.
Jun 17 iPhone 4 to have 512MB of RAM, double the 3GS and iPad? Twice the iPad’s, which doesn’t bode well – it might be sensible to wait a bit longer before getting one of those…
What’s driving iPhone 4 sales? Folk with a 3GS are unlikely to upgrade.
Jun 16 Another Huge AT&T Security Breach: Web Site Reveals Private Customer Data During iPhone Preordering Rush Oh boy.
Would-be upgraders thwarted by iPhone 4 preorder problems Popularity is a challenge.
Orange UK announces iPhone 4 pricing No size fits all.
iPhone 4 pre-order mess takes a sinister turn with privacy breach More negative spin than news.
Apple took 600,000 iPhone 4 pre-orders Hit us again.
Apple, AT&T apologize for massive iPhone 4 preorder meltdown iTunes is going to go out like a candle on the 24th.
Apple: 600,000 iPhone 4 Pre-Orders On First Day Links to the PR.
How many iPhones did Apple just sell? Ah, speculation.
AT&T: iPhone 4 Pre-Orders 10 TIMES Higher Than First Day Last Year AT&T’s statement.
600,000 iPhone 4s pre-ordered, Apple apologizes for issues A cool half-mil and a tad.
iPhone 4 Frenzy! Expect $610 Million More In Revenue This Quarter For Apple Numbers are going to be tossed around all quarter.
AT&T suspends iPhone 4 pre-orders Not perfect.
Apple Sells Out Of iPhone 4 Pre-Orders On Day One 2 million in a weekend?
AT&T suspends iPhone 4 pre-orders altogether, says they were ten times 3GS’ numbers Wow.
Apple iPhone 4 pre-orders now sold out? This thing is going to sell like hotcakes.
Original iPhone owners can also keep their unlimited data with iPhone 4 Interesting.
Jun 15 AT&T is already SOLD OUT of iPhone 4 devices for launch day. (Apple does not seem to be.) Our prediction of 2 mil… Whoa.
AT&T sold out of iPhone 4 pre-orders for launch day Looks like Steve is going to have more to boast about.
Check Out The Crazy Long Line To Pre-Order iPhone 4 In Tokyo The Japanese aren’t immune. At all.
INSANITY: People Waiting In Line To PRE-ORDER iPhone 4 Insane, indeed.
iPhone 4 is unlocked in Canada, too Interesting.
Apple iPhone 4 pre-orders are go, unlocked in UK! Ouch, expensive.
iPhone 4 has 802.11n, but not the “awesome” 802.11n Who cares?
Jun 14 Best Buy announces official iPhone 4 pre-sale for June 15th Ah, the races…
Huge Photos Show Off iPhone 4’s Ridiculously Sharp Screen Bloody amazing.
Jun 11 Five reasons why your data use might go up with iOS/iPhone 4 I’d say that more browsing would be more than enough.
Jun 10 AT&T offering price protection (or iPhone 4 swap) to recent 3GS buyers How kind.
iPhone 4 coming to Three UK, pre-orders starting June 15 There goes exclusivity…
Finally: iPhone 4 is coming to Three Hmmm…
An iPhone for T-Mobile? Ah, speculation.
Apple’s iPhone 4 “Retina” Display Claims Are False Marketing Ah, , how I love thee.
UK’s O2 to impose 3G data limits for iPhone 4 users People’s expectations remain unrealistic.
Jun 09 Ars at WWDC 2010: hands on, pics of the new iPhone 4 Not much news.
Jun 08 iPhone 4 guide: preview, pricing, availability Pretty thorough.
Jun 07 New iPhone 4 Still Had Secrets to Reveal A pretty good overview.
iPhone 4 confirms June 24 date with O2 UK Interesting.
iPhone 4 hits FCC, becomes world’s second announced pentaband 3G phone Now this is important.
iPhone 4 Available In Stores June 24 In the US only, subsidized as usual. In 88 countries around September.
iPhone 4 announced Go figure.
Jun 06 Gizmodo Not Welcome at 2010 WWDC And this is surprising because…?
Jun 03 Gizmodo gets a special master And it goes on…
Jun 02 White iPhone 4 casing shows up in yet more photos Still don’t like it.
May 29 iPhone 4G display put under a microscope, 960 × 640 a lock? 2x zoom and better type hinting…
May 25 Confirmed: Apple’s next iPhone will have video chat, feature to be shown in ads directed by Sam Mendes Not really a confirmation, but everyone’s expecting it by now.
May 23 iPhone video conferencing surfaces in supposed test firmware Oh.
White next-gen iPhone apparently materializes in full form …and another shot.
May 19 White front plate looks all set and ready for next-gen iPhone, or not Well well. I won’t be getting a white one again if this pans out…
iPhone OS 4.0 beta 4 hints at LED flash, camera for iPad, iPod, iPhone Well, I’d get one.
May 16 Fourth generation iPhone teardown reveals A4 microprocessor Makes a lot of sense.
10 juicy details from the iPhone affidavit Lovely.
May 15 External Link: Lost iPhone Prototype Story Turns Into Soap Opera Maybe I should create a table just for this stuff.
Brian Lam’s Email to Steve Jobs Regarding Gizmodo’s Stolen iPhone Prototype The affidavit makes for fascinating reading.
May 13 New iPhone in Vietnam spotted running iPhone OS 4? Ah, the madness continues.
May 05 Stuart Green on Gizmodo and the iPhone Prototype A thorough summary.
Apr 30 Finder of lost iPhone named More people get mentioned – this is becoming a tabloid indeed.
Apr 29 Apple rumored to launch iPhone at WWDC, but we’re not so sure Announced, almost for sure. Launched? 50% chance.
Apr 27 Did Apple call the cops on Gizmodo? We’ll never hear the end of this.
Apr 26 Police raid Gizmodo editor’s home More detailed info.
Police investigating lost iPhone prototype raid Gizmodo editor’s home There you go…
Police Seize Computers From Gizmodo Editor
Apr 24 Lost iPhone: The cops are on the case A bit more detail.
Apr 23 Trade Secret Liability in the Gizmodo N90 iPhone Affair Lovely… Throwing the book at’em.
CNet: Lost iPhone Prototype Spurs Police Probe
Apr 22 ‚òÖ Gizmodo and the Prototype iPhone Gruber’s take.
Apr 20 Has Gizmodo Broken the Law With Its iPhone Story? The legalese.
Apple wants its secret iPhone back A cogent summary of all the clowning around Gizmodo did – since they think only in terms of pageviews, this ought to have been a “success” for them…
Andy Ihnatko on the ‘(Increasingly Plausible) Miraculous Engadget (and Gizmodo) iPhone 4G’ A lot more sound reasoning.
Apple: Can we have our new iPhone back please? I don’t think I’ll be publishing any more links to Gizmodo, ever.
New York Times Story on Gizmodo’s iPhone Prototype This is getting better and better.
Damn, Gizmodo. Again, there is a reason why I don’t read Gizmodo.
Higher Resolution iPhones A bit more
Daring Fireball: Why 960‚Äâ√ó‚Äâ640 More in-depth
Apr 19 ‚òÖ Why 960 × 640 Oh why, indeed.
iPhone OS 4 reveals its social side: Facebook integration? Well, there go a lot of wannabe services…
Gizmodo Disassembles Next iPhone? groan.
Gizmodo Has the Purported Next-Gen iPhone in Hand This is just one of the reasons I prefer reading Engadget to Gizmodo.
Apple’s 4th-generation iPhone revealed (Sigh)
Engadget Posts Pictures of Purported Next-Gen iPhone Gotta love rumors.
Gizmodo: This Is Apple’s Next iPhone And thus it begins…
Apr 18 iPhone 4G: proof Here we go again…

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