An Eventful Day

After an entirely too short night and a complicated morning, followed by a few hours of negotiating the turbulent torrents of bureaucracy that pass for health policy in this country (in a of sorts1), I compounded things by making the utterly asinine mistake of checking my work e-mail (through which I had a glimpse at what is to be the upcoming week when my leave ends and I get back to work).

So I need to vent a little, and hereby declare that:

  1. I am not, admittedly, in a good mood (something that a longish, but necessary walk in excellent weather has already tempered down and a good book is sure to fix overnight).
  2. The Yaki engine changes are hereby declared “on extended trial” (i.e., this site has been running smoothly enough for the past 24h, so I won’t mess around with code anymore until Summer), so books it is for passing the time in betwixt minding the kids until the week is out.
  3. I will wait for three days, open , and hit “mark all as read”, thereby nullifying the current bout of news frenzy (which, by the way, regarding the-news-site-that-shall-not-be-named-run-by-acned-teenagers).

As a corollary of sorts to the above, I will now endeavor to take a nice nap. It’s going to be a long night.

1 I was right, by the way – the likelihood of there being a similar day for a year was zero. If you make it a year and three days, though, it was a resounding one.

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