Aaaaaaaah. That feels good.

So, my “outrageous”1 4 weeks’ paternity leave started splendidly at 6:30, and my brain keeps thinking it’s a Sunday for some reason.

Maybe it’s because with all the milk warming, bottle feeding, breakfasting, crumb picking, diaper changing, coddling, pacifying, washing, sock puppetting, combing, cooking and curtain hanging I only got around to sitting down by 11.

Or maybe it’s because the closest I got (and, most likely, the closest I will get) to a computer today entailed typing this on a Bluetooth keyboard two and a half meters away from the TV while my youngest bestowed one of his ‘magical half-hours’ upon us by napping away contentedly.

Or perhaps it’s just that my allergy is again clearing up after not having to put up with the air conditioning and lousy carpets at the office.

Either which way, the game is afoot, and I fully intend to make the best of the little time I have.

On the gadget front, I’ve been mulling getting an unlocked Nexus One for myself – but Google won’t ship it here – and trying to resist the siren call of the iPad, which is easy because Apple isn’t selling it here either – still – and it already looks dated and underpowered next to iPhone 4.

But I’ve stumbled upon the awesome Sencha Touch, and I see too much potential there not to keep trying to get hold of either.

Now if you’ll excuse me, there are a bunch of “LEGO”:Wikipedia:Lego bricks under the sofa, and some soup to blend.

1 For the benefit of those of you living in the exquisitely civilized bits of Northern Europe, Portugal has recently adopted a maternity/paternity leave regimen that, in one option, allows the father a month’s worth of leave (a major increase), something that employers are having a hard time adjusting to, both culturally and procedurally. In a country where productivity is (sadly) equated with working late and burning yourself out, and in an industry where stress is a constant, some people took this the wrong way (fortunately, my boss shares my views on this). I pity them, and wish I had even more time to devote to my kids.

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