Around this time every year, I start planning for Autumn – getting back to work after Summer usually entails a number of housekeeping chores like archiving oodles of e-mail, clearing out my address book, going through my projects for the Fall and re-shuffling my schedule to accomodate a new batch of recurring meetings, and on top of all of that I usually sketch out plans for what I intend to do regarding such hobbies as I can manage having, jot down a few notes regarding the silly season’s memes du jour, and start checking (well in advance) if I need new warm socks.

It’s been mostly the same for around a decade, but this year it’s all going to be different.

For instance, I don’t plan to spend a whole lot of time archiving e-mail (although I’ve added another attempt at building a Xobni-like tool to my To-Do-If-I-Ever-Find-The-Time list), I’ve wantonly archived the bulk of my professional address book and plowed out my schedule as far as early November, with the notable side-effect that I am not going to attend the iPhone 4 launch parties (either of them).

Oh, I will get one. But later, quite a bit later. No sense in rushing things, and, by the way, I couldn’t care less about the antenna design – for me, it’s a computer that happens to make calls, not a phone, and we enjoy an order of magnitude better coverage than most countries…

As to the mobile industry’s recurring (and seemingly endless) bouts of madness, I’ll keep a wary eye and try not to bother – I will eventually re-approach the mobile gadgetry space from another angle (I’ll probably always be wired for mobile first and everything else second – pardon the mixed metaphors), but for now I’ll just try to enjoy spending time doing other stuff.

The socks, though, are definitely something to deal with ASAP – I’m in dire need of an entirely new wardrobe…

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