New Blackberry software for Mac

Finally, PocketMac release 4.0 is out. Besides adding some kind of .Mac support I haven't yet figured out (conspiracy theorists settle down, it looks like trivial settings sharing), it sets up an iSync-like sync manager and:

  • A little application to display Safari bookmarks on the Blackberry.
  • Lets you sync received and sent items on your Blackberry back to your Mac.
  • It supports mail redirectionfrom your Mac to your Blackberry.
  • It finally lets you install software (.alx/.cod archives) on the handheld with a decent UI.

Sadly, it doesn't let you use Bluetooth to sync or hook up 3G devices like the 8707v as tethered USB modems, but the wealth of new features is most welcome.

You can get the software here, and a standalone copy of the manual here.

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