Last Day

Well, today was my last day on vacation (at least officially). Lots of fun was had during the past three weeks, and my sole regret is that with the Sonae take-over bit for Portugal Telecom, the telco marketplace is going completely nuts here in , and I'm going back to work in what will probably be the thick of it.

Which reminds me of something I , and that I have been steadfastly ignoring up to now -

Ever hear of a competition regulator handing over 60% of the mobile market on a platter to a single company? Again, becomes the laughing stock of the EU (or its pet banana republic... you pick).

Anyway, back to fun things: hit something of a critical mass in the wee hours of the morning, since I started fooling around with import, got a working plugin mechanism running, and all of a sudden Beautiful Soup turned into a sort of Swiss Army Knife for Wiki markup rendering.

Fear. This thing turns HTML into Play-Doh, and I think my plugin mechanism will end up taking over the entire Wiki.

In real life, we went to see Cats (met some family there, too). It was fun, well performed, but the plot is a little... thin. Still, it was a nice way to round up a vacation.