Green Rings

So, before kicking up my feet and diving into the Chronicles of Narnia (I had to read the originals some day, and this seems as good a time as any), here are some news I could not help but notice over the past few days:

  • This just in: XScreenSaver is officially out (and there was much rejoicing).
  • Xcode 2.3 is out, with a bunch of fixes. I think I might have a use for it this time around, since I'm strongly considering creating a generic USB-to-serial .kext that lets me easily tweak device IDs. Anyone know about any reference source code for this?
  • Although developing one widget is enough for me, I found these rumors of Dashcode quite interesting. It apparently has been leaked, and does not seem to be included in Xcode 2.3 (which I installed on my iMac but didn't fool around with yet).
  • Nike+IPod has been covered to death on just about any news site you care to name, but I find it fascinating as a tie-in. Apple tried to tie iTunes to mobile phones (and we all know how that went), but with Nike it found a partnership where (and this is the biggie not everyone is getting) the intrinsic value of the iPod is not diminished - i.e., where there isn't another technological gadget to outshine it. Brilliant move, I say.
  • How to build a Bulletproof Startup - if VC was real in Portugal, I'd probably have made a stronger career commitment to startups (I've been in a couple of them, and neither was an easy ride...).
  • The Thermal Paste Question (via Gruber). I've been keeping an eye on this temperature database view for the black MacBook in horrified fascination, and I can't really say I'm happy about the prospect of using it as a "laptop" with these values - even if the high ones are measured under duress, the low ones seem too high for an "idle" machine.