Ich verabscheue Unterbrechungen

Lots of entertaining stuff at work, although my lunch hour was shot to pieces while I tried to disentangle a niggling issue that caught a few people unawares.

My working hours now mostly revolve around a steady trickle of e-mail (good), an ever-increasing set of issues to manage across anything from handsets to long-term technology strategy (good on the variety, bad on the amount of pending ones), and a mounting number of interruptions (definitely bad) that has led me to seek refuge in random corners of the building while I try to finish updating a nearly three-year-old document (very, very bad).

I'm very glad I sensed this coming yesterday and preemptively re-ripped the Daredevil and Matrix soundtracks into my , throwing in some old-time Portuguese rock by GNR for good measure.

Today was only a matter of finding a nice seat in our "Zen zone" early in the morning, firing up my and pumping up the volume.

The overall effect isn't as trendy as Nike+ (a brilliant tie-in in every -related sense, and Steve already has a pair), but Rammstein's Du Hast has an interesting dual twist:

  • It perfectly mirrors my feelings regarding some of the stuff I'm trying to re-write.
  • What bits of it leak from my headphones act as a very effective deterrent against casual interruptions.

My working day with such a musical panorama was, in a way, not completely unlike this amazing photo at Chromasia.

Which is odd, considering I spent all day in a suit.