Towel Day

More like handkerchief day for me - a very bad allergy hit me out of the blue, to the point where I had to come home early to alleviate the feeling of having half a tennis ball jammed up my left nostril.

Which, in its own way, is a sort of tribute to Douglas - were it not for him, I probably wouldn't have developed these twisty little quirks in my writing style, as well as the sense of humor to try to make the best of this sort of thing.

And now, if you'll excuse me, I'll just pop over to the other side of the corporate looking glass and catch up on work. There's a bunch of stressed rabbits running around in a huff...

Update: I just noticed that I mis-created yesterday's posts, so I moved them to the right date and time - the comments, alas, are gone. Sorry about that.