Got Citrix?

Remember the widget I a while back?

Well, since I keep getting requests for it every week or so (apparently there are quite a few people annoyed at not being able to have seamless sessions on their s) and despite my inability to to get their formal permission to include the client bits, I decided to clean up the code a bit, package it and unleash it upon the Internet.

Yeah, I know there's roughly 20 people out there that can actually use it the way it is, but it has been running on either of my s for months now, does all I need, and cleaning it up was as good an excuse as any to try out the new beta 3 - which, incidentally, I heartily recommend, even though this is likely to be the last widget I ever code.

Plus I was getting annoyed at not being able to get some closure on the matter. This way it might actually be of use to somebody, and I can file it away (both filesystem-wise and mentally).

The file is here (make sure you actually read the README), and inside you'll find some of the source graphics as well. The good thing about widgets is that you get the source, so if you want to fix/change something, all you need is right there.

Just mind the license under which some of the files are distributed (see the README for details).

Obviously, if objects to this in any way, the file will be gone from the server faster than you can say "Supercalifragalisticexpialidocious".

Amazing how I can still type that in one go...

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