Yes, I Admit It

Like Melo said, I hate Mondays, and this one was no exception.

First off, roughly an hour after posting my new HOWTO on VMware Server last night, my dual 933MHz (the last conventional PC in the house) crashed with an odd buzzing noise and a crisp, acrid hot electronics smell - I assume the excitement of running Windows XP in a VM was too much for it. Heck, I know I was excited to get it going.

I've yet to switch it back on, but my guess is that by next weekend (when I hope to have time to disassemble and test it in broad daylight) I'll know whether or not an Intel mini is in my future.

Since I am still trying to decide what to do with my MacBook fund until Apple gets the rest of its Intel act together, the decision itself might be easy. We'll see...

Next up, my calves (the ones that don't go "moo") are killing me - spending a weekend crouched in awkward positions while trying to scrape off old silicone sealant from a bathtub made it obvious (through cramps) that I need to exercise more.

Office work went reasonably smoothly, but there is always so much you can take where it regards juggling random oddities. Still, sitting made my legs more comfortable.

And then I arrive home to this e-mail regarding my attempt to reach Citrix concerning the Dashboard widget I wrote about earlier:

From: (address removed)
Date: March 13, 2006 6:03:28 PM GMT+00:00
To: Rui Carmo
Subject: RE: Case # 31238485/ LM CustomerFeedback - Terms for re-distributing the Java Client?

The issue that you have requested about is a technical support issue. I
have verified in our database that you do not have a Service Agreement
with the Citrix Technical Support Department.  Below I have listed
several options for technical support:
1. You can visit and view the Knowledge Base for a
solution to support your Citrix environment.
2. You can visit and view Support Forums and
participate in technical discussions and search for previous responses
from other forum members.
3. You can contact your preferred reseller for support.
4. Contact Citrix Customer Care at 800-4CITRIX to open a billable.  The
billable is $400 per incident, charged to a major credit card.
If you have another issue you need assistance with please contact
Customer Care at 1-800-4CITRIX to open a new case.

-----Original Message-----
From: Rui Carmo
Sent: Sunday, March 12, 2006 3:50 PM
To: Customer Care
Subject: Case # 31238485/ LM CustomerFeedback - Terms for
re-distributing the Java Client?


I would like to know if I can distribute the Citrix Java Client as
part of a free application for Mac OS X, and the terms by which I
need to abide if so.

The application is a Mac OS X Dashboard widget, and you can read a
brief description of it (and see screenshots of it) at the following

I have since completed the widget and have been using it on a daily
basis, to the extent where I've stopped using the native Mac OS X
client. Barring a few Java-related issues, it is completely functional.

I am also willing to hand over the source code so that this can be
enhanced by Citrix (it would make a very nice free download for Mac
users wanting to access Citrix servers).

Please feel free to contact me through this e-mail address.


Rui Carmo

Okay. Anyone have any hints? I realize this is a boilerplate answer (and, as usual in such cases, if customer care can't fit the issue into a pre-defined category, they defer it to tech support), but does anyone know how to reach someone at Citrix that knows about client (re)distribution?

All I got from searching Knowledge Center at length yesterday afternoon is either related to licensing (i.e., activating client licenses) or custom installers - nothing about re-distribution of clients or inclusion in other software (and yes, I can register and post something in their forum, but you'd expect this sort of thing to be easy to find without going through the hassle, no?).

Ah well.

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