9300 iSync Plugin and Citrix Widget Updates

Well, I've finally fixed two things regular visitors kept asking about.

The first is my 9300/9300i iSync plugin, which is available here.

Adam Manczuk had sent me a fixed version ages ago, but since I stopped using the 9300i, I had no way to test it, and all sorts of other things cropped up in the meantime. My apologies to all who needed this in the meantime.

The second is my Citrix widget, which is not so much "fixed" as it is updated - since Citrix still has no decent Mac OS X clients (there is no Universal version, nor does the existing Mac OS X client support seamless mode), I updated my Dashboard widget to use the Java archives in version 9.4 of the Java client.

The UI and "sticky" input field issues are still there, but you can now print to a PostScript file in any local folder besides mounting your local hard disk as a file share inside the Citrix session (corporate policies and local Java permissions allowing, of course).

If you're happy with the old version, there's no need to upgrade.

The widget can be downloaded here, and, like the Nokia plugin, is completely unsupported.

Both are supplied with the usual admonition -

Use at your own risk. I take no responsibility for data loss, damage incurred to mind, body, data, machinery, pets (kittens, tarantulas, koi, etc.), or mice (wireless, plastic, mighty or otherwise). If use of the software provided above causes you to witness or interact with small, furry creatures from Alpha Centauri, I recommend switching to Ubuntu.

And now, for the other umpteen little things I haven't yet gotten around to finish for the past couple of months. As you can see from my iSync window, I have a fair amount of housekeeping to do:

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