An Oddly Good Monday

...for which I'm sure to get karmic compensation soon, probably under the shape of a very early morning conference call or something similar.

Anyway, I've just posted a pretty drastic overhaul of my on phone plugins, wherein I fix most of the things I had figured out wrong.

I have since created another few test plugins and figured out more about how works, although I haven't yet fixed the one I for the Nokia (Dave Bourke was very kind to send me a bunch of logs that I have been going through, and I will be updating the file soon).

In a nutshell, my was right: Info.plist must have a set of unique IDs for the plugin bundle and the IPHPhoneConduitVersion key set to 400.0 (or above) for 2.2.

The rest seems to be business as usual: picking the right phone family to inherit from, tweaking the serial and IDs, etc.

What did hit me completely by surprise was the inclusion of what appears to be JavaScript inside MetaClasses.plist. , could we have some official documentation now, please?

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