Standing Wave

Damn tired. Here's some overdue RSS-foo:

  • Zimmermann released Zfone, which I have yet to take a look at (but which is a genius approach at VoIP encryption).
  • There's a bunch of noise about the PSP getting an EyeToy, VoIP capabilities, etc. The only thing I'm interested is decent RSS and Flash support...
  • There's also a lot of noise about getting XP to boot on an iMac, which seems to be a particularly self-supporting waste of time.
  • Lucent, in InfoWorld (via Daily Wireless) gets it utterly, utterly wrong - running VoIP over any kind of current mobile data connection is a particularly pointless (and wasteful) exercise, that won't stop being pointless and wasteful just because there's more uplink speed...
  • I can confirm that the Office update makes for a snappier, slightly cleaner Entourage, but also that it still doesn't see Exchange task folders or talk to customized OWA setups, and is therefore useless to me. Sync services support looks nice, but I refuse to fire up iSync until Apple starts supporting phones sold in the latter half of 2005...
  • Ah, the Google acquisition of SketchUp's creators. I've always considered their product to be brilliant, but there's got to be more to this than Google Earth integration.
  • This has just got to be the dumbest name change in Open Source software. Ever. Still, I'm told the Windows version runs rings around Tandberg soft clients, and I hope to get a chance to try it soon.
  • Fedora Core 5 will be delayed a bit (to next week), which means I won't waste a significant portion of my weekend trying to download it.

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