Office is, to put it bluntly, Microsoft’s “cash cow”:Wikipedia:Cash_Cow, representing a steady influx of revenue that the company has tried to boost during the past few years by tying its components with portions of its enterprise offering.

The best-known example of this is Outlook (which is the main enabler for its Exchange mail server), but Access is also a strong suit where it regards accessing SQL Server databases in small/mid-sized businesses.

Microsoft also purchased Visio and rolled its flagship drawing/“lite” CAD product into Office 2003, therefore plugging one of the few missing feature sets on its product.

In the Mac OS X platform, Outlook is replaced by Entourage. There is no Visio equivalent, nor any hints of there ever being one in the future. The 2008 edition, however, sports decent drawing tools that are suitable for simple business diagramming.


Hints for Office 2004:

  • If you hate the Microsoft User Data folder as much as I do and share my loathing for the asinine stupidity of having it smack bang in the middle of your Documents folder, just move it to ~/Library/Preferences (kudos to stevenf for pointing this out)

Notable Events:

Date Link Notes
Dec 10th Microsoft Office 2008 for Mac 12.1.5 Update The latest (roll-up) update, including all previous ones
Mar 12th First Office 2008 update released Direct download for 12.0.1