As a sort of karmic compensation for the incredibly long and tiresome day I had today, I got a Cube in the mail - yes, one of those perspex beauties that mesmerized every fan for years, and which is a dream to open.

In order to avoid undue harassment to the sender, I'll just thank him by his first name (thanks in advance for many an hour of fun tinkering, Pedro!) and leave it at that.

I'll have to hold off until the weekend to plug it in and dump the burned-out PC it's going to replace, but I promise to give it a good home and upgrade it to the hilt while it's here.

And who knows, maybe I'll post some photos.

Random News:

In the meantime:

  • Someone got running on a , and it was confirmed. I don't subscribe to such a wanton desecration of hardware, so I won't link to it. :)
  • has updated the last Security Update. QA slippage? Ah, no, that was 10.4.5...
  • Inbox Zero - magic -fu. Mann isn't called Merlin for nothing, you know.
  • MING the Merciless is out and about. I wonder just how usable it will turn out to be, since Moto are legendary in their success (or lack of) where it concerns delivering usable UIs and there is not a single photo of the interface anywhere (yet).
  • LowFat, on the other hand, seems nice and intuitive (although not very practical).

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