(Very) Odds and Ends

Being a man of stark contrasts, I've been splitting my time between reading Anne of Green Gables (an excellent way to renew one's faith in one's imagination, if I may say so) and getting VMware Server's vmware-console to actually work with Apple's X11 (the HOWTO is here).

I've also pretty much finished the Citrix widget (all I need now is to tweak some PNG files and comment the source a bit), but that won't be available until I figure out how to distribute it, re-package it, etc., etc.

In the process, I've noticed that RDP 6.0 is supposed to bring full support for seamless windows as well - I'm curious to see what happens when it starts rolling out in the enterprise market, and whether Apple will ever support it in any fashion.

Oh, and kudos to Jonathan Rentzch, who provided me with a great moment of Zen by writing (and I quote) -

The continuing growing JavaScript infestation is the best evidence yet programmers are monkeys with guns.

Guns and detergent - the Web 2.0 formula...

All in all, it was a nice weekend. Let's see how this week pans out.