Random Walk

  • Here's a bunch of Firefox 1.5 tricks.
  • Looks like there's an informal consensus on data retention - but, as yet, no real clue as to what this may cost telcos (and what precisely is to be retained where it regards internet access is the biggest gray area here...).
  • Besides law enforcement and regulators, commercial ISPs are having shocking ideas as well - such as QoS tweaking with commercial intent, also known as holding portals for ransom.
  • The Mac mini-as-media-center rumors keep piling up, and now .Mac and Front Row 2.0 are tied into it. Considering that if it's true, it will be 100% US-centric, I'm not the least bit excited.
  • The 10.4.4 rumors, however, are much more interesting (especially the RAW camera support portion). I wish they'd do at least two things: enable me to use my Mac as a headset for my phone, and fix Spotlight to not find-as-I-type, though - it's a major hassle if you've got as much data as I have, and a short delay would work just as well.
  • Here's a neat way to put the date in the menubar (if you're so inclined).
  • Fedora Directory Server is now available, and there seem to be plenty of screenshots. Looks like I'll be revisiting LDAP soon...