The bustle of Xmas shopping has virtually prevented me from taking photos or doing most of what I had originally planned for this weekend, but I suppose I can't really complain - there has been plenty of reading in the evenings, and the bits of code I've been doing have been quite entertaining.

In the meantime, as I sit here nursing a bruised knee (cobblestones are not always slippery or uneven, but some can be both), here are a few items of note:

  • I'm starting to actively avoid buying EMI and Sony CDs. It's not (just) about the rootkits, it's about the principle of the thing - I want to play the music I buy on whatever device I happen to own, and if record companies don't understand that, they won't have me as a customer. iTunes is looking better and better, even with Apple's DRM.
  • The Xbox360 has gone on sale here in Portugal. When I noted that to Bruno via SMS, his reply was "Brrrr.". Somehow, it gives me the creeps as well - even if the UI on the kiosks was quite neat and polished, the concept just doesn't register properly (and the games lineup still doesn't list anything I'd be interested in playing).
  • It seems that we have to thank Eolas (of all companies) for making ActiveX on IE even more of a nuisance. I wonder if Eolas will give up or move on to other targets (like Apple, Mozilla, etc...).
  • Dell is apparently going to market a 30" LCD. More reason to wonder what it would be like if they setup a real retail channel over here...
  • Via Michael, a relaxing sky. Click and drag to go forward/backward (bar is green for forward, red for reverse), move the mouse to play Superman (dive, climb, bank).