Couch Time

Here's some news and random notes, since I intend to relax and read in the evening:

  • Delfim Machado's Escrita com Luz is now co-hosted in our box - if you're into by all means check it out, there is some brilliant work in there.
  • I finally had the time to check out Analytics, and I'm pretty impressed - not by the stats themselves, but by what they reveal. For instance, it seems that my  on  plugin creation has become quite popular of late, and there's a W600i/W550i plug-in made by the folks over at Mac'n'cell.
  • Linksys has finally figured out that a lot of their products' appeal comes from allowing people to tinker with the firmware. Sadly, however, they seem to be bent on using VxWorks for their cheapest product range to save on production costs, which is pretty odd considering that Cisco abandoned VxWorks for a custom IOS in their Aironet product range. And VxWorks (despite its popularity on several types of embedded devices) wasn't just unstable on Cisco gear, it was nigh on unusable at times...
  • Still on the Linksys topic, if you've got a WRT54G3G-EU and plenty of time to kill, you'll be very glad to know that the latest firmware is up on Linksys' GPL Code Center (it weighs in at 178MB and I have yet to see what's inside, but I'll be checking it out over the next few days, as well as this forum thread).