Internet Service Provider, that strange entity which morphed from a dingy room crammed to the brim with US Robotics modems and half a dozen UNIX geeks to clean, sprawling offices housing hundreds of customer care representatives, portal content managers and fancy trouble-ticketing systems.


For some reason I actually kept a list of “instant” access numbers for Portuguese ISPs since 2005, shamelessly pilfered from Bruno’s Wiki and kept here for my own easy reference when traveling around the country or for handing out to foreign visitors.

All of these had a small surcharge beyond the local per-minute call tariff (folk in the US should keep in mind that we are charged for local calls), and all the URLs redirect to webmail or new sites that have little to no relation to the original ISP:

  • Simplesnet
  • Phone: 678 090 000
  • Auth: No username, No password
  • Clix
  • Phone: 679 352 000
  • Auth: clix/clix
  • Sapo
  • Phone: 671 714 000
  • Auth: sapo/sapo