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I'm still , sorry. Not only does it fall under my , I'm also not going to rant on about the incredible backlog of stuff I have right now and the fact that it's not at all a good idea to overload folk with randomly re-prioritized stuff.

No, I'll just rephrase the old adage known as Baruch's law and make it my own -

When all you have is a lack of resources, everyone looks like a work mule.

Or, as would put it, as an underling:

Shameless Plug

Before moving on to the news, I hereby pronounce Mail Act-On to be the second best thing since sliced bread (although I'm pretty sure I could get - the best one - to do most of what it does).

I've been using it for a while, but today I re-factored my action bindings and was able to cope with my overflowing RSS inbox (yes, I'm still using , and it still rocks) in less than forty-five minutes.

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