Three Notes

I'm trying to get my schedule together for this week (got the usual amount of unexpected twists thrown at me today), so there won't be much in terms of news coverage...

  • So, and Yahoo are going mobile (here's the thing, which I finally got working on my after a couple of tries - use the S710a midlet). It's very smooth over , and lightning fast over UMTS (but MGMaps lets you add bookmarks and lets you see longitude and latitude, etc.). No city maps for Portugal, though (which is odd, since has them).
  • The Tiletoy is probably the most interesting educational toy I've seen in a while - and it is apparently going to be available through an open license, too.
  • Spent a while panning through these great panoramas and wondering whether I would buy Quake IV in the off-chance it was ported to the .

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