Monday Mode

Over 50.000.000 bytes of e-mail dealt with.

  • After a few false starts, it looks like the Keyspan/USB Server is finally shipping.
  • 300mW Wi-Fi cards - six times the "normal" rating a year back.
  • Outsourcing: Not So Good. Another example of common sense being ditched in favour of the management trend du jour and slowly re-surfacing.
  • Yet another herald of the PDA's imminent death. Sure, smartphones are the new thing, but they're even more limited for data entry (and retrieval). Anoto is looking better every day, but even that needs something better than the "banana pens" manufacturers are churning out.
  • Personal Tech in the Enterprise. Some food for thought (I'm waiting for the updates to surface and seriously considering ditching my corporate hardware in favour of one).
  • Mark, after dissecting Gmail's lack of accessibility (and its vim-like keystrokes), put up a few more notes. Gripping stuff.