• The new $800 eMac - The only reason (well, besides an insurmountable wall of prejudice and bureaucracy) I don't try to replace my Windows desktop with a "cheap" eMac is my need to occasionally run Linux on the thing. The eMac is cheap, but stuff it with RAM and it makes for a very nice desktop - even a corporate one.
  • Cellphone sales in Japan are down. Oh, you mean selling millions of the things is slow business? Wow, I wouldn't want to be caught in a shopping spree.
  • Intel keeps pushing Wireless USB as a Bluetooth killer. Get real - it won't solve any fundamentally new problems, and most likely create wholly new ones. But hey, it's their lobby.
  • Rael is pulling a Gmail. Take it from me, Rael, do it on a quarter basis: I'm now filing stuff under 2004/02, and my IMAP mail tree (after judicious pruning) looks somewhat like this (except for mailing-lists, which live under their own sub-tree):
[Personal]$ du -k -a * | grep /
1260    1998/Q4
23096   1999/Q1
6752    1999/Q2
9656    1999/Q3
8572    1999/Q4
52448   2000/Q1
19332   2000/Q2
13212   2000/Q3
27484   2000/Q4
82720   2001/Q1
32792   2001/Q2
55508   2001/Q3
56392   2001/Q4
65932   2002/Q1
113104  2002/Q2
96408   2002/Q3
158868  2002/Q4
240540  2003/Q1
448768  2003/Q2
379988  2003/Q3
264272  2003/Q4
403944  2004/Q1
45196   2004/Q2

Larger than this is pointless - mbox files (my format of choice due to ease of backup) will blow up on you after a year or so, and any MUA worth its salt knows how to search, say "every message from Joe in 2004" using minimal indexing and traversing subtrees. Besides, you can usually find things yourself using this sort of time range (a month is too short).