How Not To Code for Embedded Devices

It turns out that Netgear sold hundreds of thousands of routers with the University of Wisconsin's NTP server address hardcoded into their firmware (via /.). Not to be pessimistic, but I keep wondering when we'll have a similar incident with mobile phones - it's not as if they don't have bugs...

Neat Features

is being updated by Brent Simmons to support neat stuff like GZIP compression and HTML diffs:

Extremely neat. Another thing I've only just noticed is that it seems to be extensible in - so I'll definetly be looking at the new beta in depth (the lite version has been more than enough for me so far, and I've been holding out on looking for a better RSS reader in order to force myself to work on ...)


One of the things I've occasionally had to do is search for things inside ZIP archives. Most modern indexing tools allow for that, but it's always nice to know exactly how.

Hmmm. I think I have some recompiling to do here.