Peripathetic Rant On Mac OS X 10.3.5, Bluetooth and RFID

I have no idea why persists in pulling the asinine stunt of updating modified versions of their applications (like my ) that are not in the system directories and leaving the bog standard /Applications/ as it is. Yet they thank me for my feedback, even though I've been reporting this kind of nonsense for over a year now.

Still, it worked. Unfortunately I forgot to bring home my , so I don't know if works with it yet. I know it's listed, but I like to make sure. It's just the way I'm wired, I guess.

And speaking of guesses, my guess is that Address Book still won't work properly (i.e., it won't pop up a notification upon receiving an SMS). It's another of my pet peeves with Bluetooth support on , and ranks right up there with the lack of handsfree/voice gateway support (yes, I want to use my as a speakerphone. I did it all the time in Windows, for chrissakes).

But hopping over to a little-used portion of the wireless spectrum, and considering there is a huge amount of hype surrounding RFID tags in the IT services market (most notably in companies trying to foist RFID-based solutions to manufacturing, distribution and retailing), it's refreshingly funny to see that RFID tags can be hacked. Of course it was mostly a stunt, but the fact that it can be done shows how clueless most people still are about security.

Any sort of security. Of course, there are a lot of people making fools of themselves these days, so many in fact it's hard to keep track of names. Sure I keep my passwords on my phone, buddy. Not - duh. Just shows you don't have a decent one yourself, and that you think people can read your shoe size via Bluetooth as well.

But getting back to RFID and stirring up some controversy, it's not about people taking RFID readers into stores, it's about thieves retagging merchandise in transit. Now that is going to be something...