Catching Up

Oodles of RSS and e-mail to go through. Let's start with a few words of caution:

  • Yes, 10.3.9 is out, but AcidSearch users might want to wait a while until upgrading and save themselves what Davi has been going through. Me, I'll wait a day or so, see how other people fare, and then back up my preview pane tweak and bite the bullet.
  • Everyone is pointing at Paul Thurrott's review of Tiger, so I'll throw him my measly link weight. I was amazed at the number of ways he managed to avoid writing "Of course, Microsoft is doing something better" using different words, but rather liked the relatively unbalanced way a few portions of the article were written (I'm not big on the Tiger hype either, mostly because I've yet to see a decent feature set in, a real iSync update or significant improvements in the TCP/IP stack). There's hope for him yet, I guess.
  • On the plus side, Safari 1.3 now has a JavaScript console.
  • Tim Bray takes the prize for the best likely use of the new dual-core Xeon CPUs from Intel. You gotta go over and read it yourself.
  • Trent Reznor has released one of his tracks in GarageBand format, in what he himself terms an experiment. Wired Magazine had it right all along.
  • Since my Xmas Phones list is way outdated, a few people wrote in to ask about updates. Well, If you can put up with the increasingly cluttered Series 60 interface, I've been using a 3230 and a 6680 on and off for months now (yes, before they were announced), and, unlike Russell (who, incidentally, is also starting to find the new Series 60 somewhat cluttered), I quite liked the 3230. Both are on sale now right here in Portugal - the 3230 is around Eur. 375, but if you can spend Eur. 585, deciding between the 6680 and, say, an S100 (which is being advertised on TV by the competition) will be tricky - as I pointed out some time back.
  • If, like me, you like your phones without frills, I suggest you wait a while for the K750i or the W800. For me, it's not about the media player or the camera (and I say this despite the fact that some of my recent pictures have been taken with a K750i) - it's about the whole thing, and how simple and effective it is to use.

Finally, a minor update on my Linux laptop experiment: QEMU seems a bit too slow for general use (even with the accelerator), but the laptop now has over 24 hours' uptime and went through over a dozen sleep/resume cycles already with no reboots, no Wi-Fi lockups, and several running applications (one of them being QEMU).

SuSE is getting a very thorough thrashing and working fine, although I had to come over to my iMac to post this - for all its novelty, one can only put up with Gnome's idiosyncratic interface for limited amounts of time (yes, most of the Ubuntu quirks are there too, obviously) - and don't even get me started on Evolution again...