Zebra Crossing

This business of having a holiday every other weekday is getting on my nerves - it's a lot like having a bunch of Sundays and Mondays strung together, in the sense that you spend "Sunday" trying to zone out and relax as much as possible before going back to work, and "Monday" trying to figure out exactly where you were...

Still, late last night I confirmed that the MSN search bot is still an electronic moron.

After months of inactivity on one of my machines (i.e., without an daemon installed, and nothing on port 80), I fired up a Snakelets server on it to kick the tires on - see if it worked as intended, how fast it was, etc.

Well, it doesn't work yet - not to the extent where I can replace this site with it, and not the way I expected it to work with virtual hosting (which means going back to the docs and fixing a few things). Most notably, Snakelets virtual hosting on port 80 seems to be incompatible with simultaneous access via the "default" port, although it might be the way I set it up.

But who do I see barging in looking for /space and getting a 404 right up its electronic nose, on a box that had had port 80 silent for months?

msnbot/0.9 (+http://search.msn.com/msnbot.htm)

Way to go, guys, way to go - and it still doesn't ask for robots.txt first.

On the other hand, is great fun, and very handy when you're as used to screen as I am.