Major Rebuild

This is a short note to warn folk that I decided to clean house a bit and do something completely radical: I dropped the entire Wiki (i.e., the source text files that Yaki renders to you) into a (sandboxed) Dropbox account, waited until my Mac synced up with it, and will be, over the coming days, moving things around a lot, mostly because I was getting fundamentally fed up with having nearly one thousand top-level entries on the Wiki tree.

Also, some of the content outside the blog and link namespaces was getting pretty stale, and there’s hardly any point in, for instance, my keeping around stuff regarding “ADSL”:Wikipedia:ADSL and “3GPP”:Wikipedia:3GPP standards I used to need for work when I can just, well… refer folk to Wikipedia, where there’s a lot more (and fresher) info.

(Of course, some of those were started years before some of that info was easy to find, so it’s only natural…)

The decision to use Dropbox was to do a sort of stress test – I have nothing private on this site (so there’s no security issues), there are around 6.000 very small text files (and nearly three times that in associated resources), and I’m curious as to how useful it really is for this kind of thing – Mercurial has served me well (and I’m still using it for backup snapshots and managing the actual source code running this site), but there’s nothing like the (near-)instant gratification of moving stuff about in the Finder and have it synced automagically (and painlessly) to the site.

Mind you, I’m lucky to have all the content on this Wiki rendered as plain text files and post-indexed at the server side, so it’s not something I can recommend for managing just about any site.

So please excuse some temporary breakage. Mis-placed pages will appear on Wanted Pages until I fix references to them – something that TextMate helps me do in a near-trivial fashion – but I will be doing this very slowly for a while.

Full Text Search is your friend in case of need.

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