HOWTO Merge Folder Trees (...using the command line)

There comes a time when you need to do this sort of thing and the default behavior (which is to completely replace folder contents, rather than merge them as in ) just gets in the way.

Regardless of the reasons for this behavior and its counter-intuitiveness for those not accustomed to the way, it’s sometimes necessary to merge two folder trees with the minimum of fuss, and there are three ways to do it:

# The standard UNIX way
cp -R -v source/. destination
# The geeky UNIX way (restartable)
rsync -vaEW source/ destination
# The OSX "easy" way
ditto -V source destination

Pedro Melo pointed out that the second way is restartable and can save you quite some time – I added the W flag because I do this most often inside the same filesystems and the extra checksumming done by rsync makes it a bit slower.

ditto is my preferred way because it’s just simpler, and is one of the hidden gems of the environment given its many other uses (man ditto for details).

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