A little language that can.

Category Link Notes
IDE ZeroBrane for Windows, Mac OSX, and Linux
Compilers gopher-lua A Lua VM and compiler written in Go
Embedding LuaCore A framework for Cocoa embedding.
LISP fennel a LISP that compiles to Lua
Urn another, more sophisticated LISP that compiles to Lua
Libraries feedparser An RSS feed parser.
Torch7 A scientific toolkit
lua-git a Lua library that implements some git functionality
Multiprocessing LuaLanes A nice alternative to coroutines
Runtime LuaJIT the official JIT
Luvit A wonderful variant of LuaJIT using libev
moonshine A lightweight Lua VM for the browser
Moon# An interpreter written in C#
luje A Java VM written in Lua
luajit-libuv An FFI binding to libuv that seems nicer than than luvit
Tools Hammerspoon A Lua-powered scripting engine for Mac OS X
Web frameworks Lapis A web framework that runs inside the LuaJIT runtime hosted inside nginx
Mercury A tiny Sinatra-like framework