Notes for May 29-June 4

Nothing much to report, really. Trying to be a goldfish.

Monday, 2023-05-29

Brief outing for routine stuff.

  • Did some -related research for my own purposes (which is hard considering how deep down the rabbit hole I currently am).

Tuesday, 2023-05-30

Another brief outing. Went to a mall for lunch, found it surprisingly run down and empty.

  • Spent some time fiddling with and Fennel. I have a minimal clone of this site’s engine running on it that I would like to deploy as a “house wiki” of sorts, but I’m not sure I want to go down the rabbit hole of writing a full-blown static site generator in it.
  • Reviewed a few pending drafts. Had to disable GitHub Copilot for Markdown because it was becoming infuriating. Yes, it does make it much easier to write technical pieces, but the result feels bland and uninspiring and I’d rather write things my own way, quirks and all1.
  • Getting really annoyed at my freezing up during coding sessions. I don’t think it’s VS Code, but it does seem to happen more often when I’m using it. I’ve pared down the number of extensions, run htop alongside, and all I can see is gnome-shell peaking in CPU usage every now and then. Going to try and disable as many GNOME extensions as feasible and see if that helps.

Wednesday, 2023-05-31

Felt a bit under the weather, but couldn’t afford to take the day off and plowed through.

  • Removing a bunch of GNOME extensions didn’t help.
  • Decided to try Copilot for vim again. Back when it debuted I had no real reason to install it but it’s useful for wading through Preact, and one of my long overdue pet projects uses that.

Thursday, 2023-06-01

Family dinner, so not much free time at all.

Friday, 2023-06-02

Somewhat quiet day.

  • Decided not to fiddle with computers after work and embark on a weekend of (mostly) reading.
  • Thoroughly enjoyed the season finale. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a show that was so consistently positive and uplifting, and although a fair chunk of the end was predictable (we all knew it had to end), I’m going to miss it. And as someone who usually steers clear of sports, if you haven’t watched it because “it’s about football”, you’re missing out on life (pun intended).

Can’t wait for to come back, though.

Saturday, 2023-06-03

Reading day.

  • Checked on a transient failure report from my (which backs up to Azure cool storage nightly).
  • Got a few more books queued up to read (also made sure I had de-fanged older purchases and added DRM free versions to )

Sunday, 2023-06-04

More family stuff.

  • Caught up on a bunch of dull sysadmin stuff I had been creatively procrastinating on.
  • Spent a long, satisfactory chunk of time on my MacBook just reading and writing.

  1. That said, having it on made it pretty obvious that humans can get into an LLM-like groove and write a lot of things by rote, nearly without thinking. I’m not sure if that’s a good thing or not. ↩︎